Announcing Bare Essentials: A ‘Meducation’ Event

Acquire practical skills that improve your capacity to save others in these risky times

Better Breed Cameroon (in partnership with Hero Cameroon) today announces its latest public program – a practical training in First Aid and Personal Safety. The event is named ‘Bare Essentials and is described as a ‘Meducation’ event in remembrance of the grassroots health education work done by Dr. Susana Enjema Aweh popularly called “Dr. SEA”.

The one-day training slated for December 4th, 2020 will hold at IYA Buea and is designed to improve participant capabilities in rapid, appropriate response towards persons in health crises or victims of violence. The training also covers the basics of self-defense for persons in risky areas who might be susceptible to kidnapping, rape, or other forms of personal insecurity. The program is open to all adults, but due to limited spaces available, preference will be given to persons who will show – via responses on the application form- that they will be able to pass on the skills learned to members of their network or use them regularly.

“Take some time to learn First Aid and CPR. It saves lives and it works.” – Bobby Sherman

First aid is the care given to a person suffering a sudden illness or injury, provided to preserve life, prevent the condition from worsening, and/or promote recovery. It can be the difference between life and death before a person reaches the hospital. Even more important is the idea of personal safety in these risky times. Being able to make and carry a pepper spray and knowing how to block punches and throw someone on the floor can keep you safe from kidnapping, rape, or unforeseen attacks.

Better Breed Cameroon is a non-profit youth development focused association focused on raising a more conscious, civic-minded, better capable, and skilled Cameroonian youth population who would be ready to serve and lead when the time comes. Hero Cameroon is a non-profit aimed at improving health awareness in Cameroon through health education and research.

Those interested are invited to express their interest by filling out the application form accessible HERE.

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