#BetterBreedHolidayChallenge2017 Press Release





It’s that time of year again, young people reflect on the past year and hope for the new one with little or nothing to occupy themselves with. This time, however, Better Breed Cameroon is challenging young Cameroonians to do something different!


The Better Breed Cameroon #HolidayChallenge isn’t your average social media viral challenge. With this call, Better Breed Cameroon dares young people aged 10- 18 years old to take strides towards self-development and contributing to their community’s development for a handsome reward at the end of six weeks. Ask yourself: What can I do, what idea can I develop, in what way can I help and how can I make a positive impact? We’ll love to see the way you answer those questions!


Submissions will be accepted until the 20th of August 2017. For eligible contestants (aged 10-18 years old) who have access to the internet, submissions in various form (documented or recorded video) should be sent to Betterbreed@gmail.com with names/age/sex/ and the subject of the email stated clearly: Better Breed Cameroon #HolidayChallenge

For those without access to the internet, Better Breed Cameroon volunteers will perform offline registration directly or via the delegations of Youth Affairs and Civic Education.


So are you the sort of “Better Breed” Cameroon needs? Prove it! Show us how you’re building yourself up to be able to do better, be better as a citizen or leader, and show us your commitment to your people and your nation. All ideas are welcome.


For more information on the #HolidayChallenge and Better Breed Cameroon’s work, please contact Better Breed Cameroon using the email address: betterbreed@gmail.com, or send a message via the Facebook page Better Breed Cameroon, and don’t forget to check out the new website www.BetterBreedCameroon.org


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