When we advocate we speak truth to power.

We- whether as individuals or groups- seek to influence change in our communities, to ensure the best political, economic and social decisions are made. To do this, we must first find the truth. Hence advocacy research is imperative for effective advocacy; it is necessary to unearth, assemble and use information to back up the arguments we make as advocate and gain support from the public and policy-makers. In line with this, Betterment Briefs- our advocacy research consultancy was established as the unit through which Better Breed Cameroon engages in advocacy research either on our own or upon hire to assist in advocacy and development efforts in Cameroon. This unit is comprised of young Cameroonian researchers who are; well-trained (academically and through practical experience) in a variety of research methods, accustomed to undertaking research in our diverse context, and above all dedicated to unearthing reliable evidence to guide advocacy, development practice and policy construction for a better Cameroon.

The Betterment Briefs team is open to solicitations for research consultancies and can provide evidence of previous work done with international contractors. Email us at bettermentbriefs@BetterBreedCameroon.org or Contact@BetterBreedCameroon.org with all enquiries. Our rich pool of young Cameroonian researchers include:

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Betterment Briefs Consultants
Picture of Monique
Dr Monique Kwachou

is a Cameroonian writer, youth worker, and researcher of gender and education for development.

picture of Almighty
Nchafack Almighty Nkengateh

is a communication specialist and scholar of multidisciplinary public health with over 10 years’ combined progressive experience

picture of Elonge
Kwoh Elonge

is a Cameroonian researcher, writer and journalist.

picture of Carlson
Carlson Nkwain

is a health promotor and student researcher in Global Health for Development.

picture of Melissa
Melissa Simo

is a Development Economist with an interest in Program/Policy Design, Implementation, Evaluation and Big data Analysis.

Dr Larissa Kojoué

is a Cameroonian political scientist and feminist studies researcher with several years of practical experience as a consultant on advocacy and Human rights projects in West and Central Africa.

Picture of Yong
Yong Sebastian Nyam

is an agricultural and environmental economist. He is a systems thinker with an interest in understanding and managing the complex and long-term sustainability of coupled social-economic-environmental systems.