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2022 Re-Launching of Better Breed Cameroon’s Youth Employability Projects

18th May 2022

Employment remains one of the major youth development issues in Cameroon. Cognizant of this, Better Breed Cameroon has endeavored to organize career-planning and employability projects annually so as to foster youth capacity to live full lives in Cameroon. Past projects included the distribution of resources for career planning, web-empowerment workshops, a Campus Career Day event, and most recently an Employability Bootcamp all of which served to facilitate the effectiveness of young people's job searching and open them up to broader possibilities. We at Better Breed Cameroon are thus excited to announce our endeavors towards addressing the issue of youth employability. This year entails the re-launching of two previous projects; the What’s Next? Newsletter and “Meant-to-Be” a mentorship/professional support program.

Better Breed Cameroon first ran mentoring projects during the 2015 and 2016 project years under the name “Better Breed YouMentoring”. Now renamed “Meant-to-Be” and restructured to run over the period of three months, this program aims to facilitate young people’s access to pragmatic career guidance, nurture the development of professional relationships between recent graduates/job-seekers and more experienced professionals members, and ultimately strengthen the employability of young Cameroonians. The 2022 Meant-to-Be Program is set to run over the course of three months; that is July to September 2022, with Mentors/mentees meeting either weekly or bi-weekly either in person or via online platforms as is convenient yet sufficient to meet desired aims. The call for mentors and mentees shall be made public in May 2022, and selection and matching will be done in through the month of June 2022.

Correspondingly, the What’s Next? Newsletter which was previously published and distributed during our 2014 and 2015 project years is a pioneering educational/career counseling publication that addresses the anxieties of students who have just completed secondary education and are wondering “what next?” as regards tertiary education options and potential career pathways. This year, Better Breed Cameroon shall be upgrading and translating the What Next? Newsletter and once again distributing it for free to young Cameroonians during a week-long campaign following the release of the G.C.E and Baccalaureate examination results in August.

As is well known, Better Breed Cameroon is a non-profit organization of young people and youth workers with a common ambition to contribute to the realization of “a Better Cameroon”. We, therefore, share the news about these upcoming projects to both inform the young people who could benefit and appeal to the general public who may like to support either project. Do consider coming on board as a mentor, sharing the impending calls/applications for mentors and mentees, or offering your knowledge/skill towards the production and distribution of the upgraded What Next? Newsletter. To do so, kindly email or write us via our social media profiles on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. As always, you can find out more about our work by visiting-

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