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Climate change remains one of the most pressing issues faced by humanity in recent times. It refers to a long term shifts in temperatures and weather patterns. It's impact is felt on every continent and by everyone though at different levels.
Africa suffers from the consequences of climate even more with major threats on human health and safety, food and water security, peace and socio-economic development. The world is left with no other option other than to take urgent action to reverse the situation. It is therefore as a result of this urgent action needed that leaders from around the world converge yearly in particular countries with the sole aim of finding possible solutions to this global challenge.

 Increasing temperature
 Flooding
 Droughts
 Melting glaciers
 Rising sea levels
 Changing precipitation patterns

 The climate has always been changing, this is no different
 It’s freezing outside – so much for global warming!
 Carbon dioxide can’t be responsible for climate change – plants, crops and trees need CO2 to grow
 There’s no way humans are responsible for climate change
 It’s solar changes that are causing the earth to warm, not us
 There’s no point doing anything – it’s all too late


Cameroonian youths must come together and collectively find solutions to help tackle this global challenge. To every global challenge, local solutions must be sought.
Young people around the world are leading innovative solutions to help fight against climate change at their local levels. Cameroonian youths are not left behind as we have many local solutions aimed at contributing to this fight.
However, the number and scale of these solutions need to be increased. We need to find ways to stir interest so that more and more young people will follow careers in the environmental and climate-related fields.
We also need more climate activists who will put pressure on institutions (both public and private) to take climate action. Climate activists have played major roles at the global stage in influencing decision making processes and actions. We therefore encourage Cameroonian youth to take climate activism seriously at the national level. It is also important for young Cameroonians to develop and establish « green businesses » which provide mitigation, adaption and resilient solutions.


Through Game Changers, a powerful movement aimed at galvanizing businesses to reduce their carbon footprint, we initiate and implement activities which create more awareness on climate change and other environmental challenges. We are particularly focused on influencing the private sector in Cameroon to take urgent climate action and to consciously act towards reducing their carbon footprint.
Our activities also serve as opportunities to demonstrate practical solutions which can be taken to reduce our impact on the environment. For example, we always organize plastic-free events, preventing hundreds of single-use plastic bottles from being generated and ending up in the environment.
Earlier this year, we organized the first ever Circular Economy Forum which recorded massive participation of actors in the public and private sectors. This forum threw more light on the opportunities presented by the Circular Economy and how we can all strive towards preventing or reducing the generation of waste with recycling and other valorization strategies coming in as one of the last resorts.
Game Changers has carried out several other projects which created a lot of awareness on climate change and the role we all can play. Some of these include « Green Growth Capacity Building workshops », tree planting activities, climate commitment event, waste valorization trainings, waste plastic bottles cleanup campaigns among many others.
We strongly believe in the ability of young people to take the lead and change the narrative climate change in Cameroon.