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NGWANE Liz, Youth of the Month

T o begin the year, we are shinning light on Ngwane Liz as our Youth of the Month of January. Liz is a young Cameroonian Fashion Entrepreneur, contributing her might for a better Cameroon. We had a conversation with her about her work and here is what she says.

BBCAM: Tell us a little more about who you are?

LIZ: My name is Ngwane Liz, I am an Environmental Engineer turned fashion designer, founder/creative director of an everyday ethical handmade luxury brand - Margo's mode.

BBCAM: Why do you do what you do at NO Waste Factory?

LIZ: Working as a designer in the fashion industry and seeing how much fabrics, especially reusable yardage is being thrown into landfill has made me pause and ask myself what my contribution to this industry and our world is: to design and add to landfills, or pivot and create sustainable solutions? This led to the founding of the No Waste Factory.
With the No Waste Factory, we are dedicated to eradicating poverty in fashion, contributing to sustainability and Cultural education. These elements are achieved through innovative curated programs and campaigns for young girls and women in the local communities we collaborate and engage with.

BBCAM: What is the future of the textile industry in Cameroon? What can the government do to ensure it?

LIZ: I am super excited about the future of the fashion industry because it is such a beautiful driver of economic development of creativity and innovation. It has the potential to be a force for good in far reaching areas like biodiversity conservation, poverty alleviation, climate change and so much more. So powerful that sustainable development goals (SDGs) can be positively impacted by fashion.

BBCAM: You have been known for your luxury clothing brand Margo's Mode, now No Waste Factory. How do you merge both?

LIZ: No Waste Factory is an environmental charity organisation under our fashion brand Margo's mode. Hence it can not be swallowed by Margo's Mode. Sustainability being at the heart and forefront of our ethos, we assess its multidimensional process, aimed at continually assessing the importance of integrating environmental and social considerations into our work processes using both Margo's Mode and No Waste Factory.

BBCAM: How would you describe your best quote?

LIZ: My best quote is "Take your chance now you never know when the last dance will be". This is why I take my chance everyday Margo's Mode and No Waste Factory to bring sustainable contribution to our Textile Industry.

We invite you to follow Liz on social media to connect with her and engage with her work.