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Reading Classrooms National Reading Competition.

The Reading Classrooms National Reading Competition held in the Southwest region in partnership with Better Breed Cameroon.
The competition involved two schools: Government Primary School, Group 2, Street 7, and Bambino Primary school.
The competition involved students from Classes 4 and 5 of these schools. At phase 1 of the reading competition, 50 pupils from each class were given a story book provided for by the Reading Classrooms team . The pupils were given a week to go through the book after which a quiz was administered. The top-half best scoring pupils moved to the second phase. In the second phase, books of a higher difficulty were given to the pupils. They were given two weeks to go through the book, after which a quiz was administered. After the scripts were graded, the best five pupils from Class four were selected and the best ten from Class 5 for the final phase. All the pupils from Class 5 were progressed to the writing workshop. During the workshop, the pupils held a discussion with a Cameroonian writer, Raoul Djimeli. This prepared them for the final phase which was a picture writing workshop. The final phase held at Bambino primary school where the finalists and their parents were in attendance. The top 5 Class 4 finalists from both schools were celebrated whilst the top finalists from Class 5 carried out the final test. At the end of the test, the jury graded the scripts on the spot and announced the rank of the winners. The winners were awarded story books to encourage them along their reading journey.