Photo by BetterBreedCMR

The 2021 International Men’s Day Campaign

The International Men’s Day, observed globally on November 19 since 1999 is an opportunity for the world to acknowledge the need for more attention to the wellbeing and lives of men and boys. Recognition of this day takes various forms; ranging from engaging in positive conversation about men, manhood and masculinity to raising awareness and/or funds for men’s rights issues – all in a bid to fostering gender sensitivity and promote gender equality. In line with this year’s International Men’s Day celebration under the theme Better relations between men and women, Better Breed Cameroon will run a weeklong social media campaign in the days leading up to International Men’s Day 2021. Each day, our social media posts will: The social media campaign to run from November 13 to 19 particularly aims to stir up public discourse on the role of men in developing better relations between men and women in Cameroon, with emphasis on the theme of this edition. We hereby urge the public to join us in commemorating this international day by engaging with us via Better Breed Cameroon’s social media pages.