Photo by BetterBreedCMR

The 2021 International Peace Day: A Recap

To commemorate the 2021 International Peace Day, Better Breed Cameroon in partnership with #defyhatenow decided to show how the Anglophone crisis, which started in 2016, is affecting young Cameroonians. Inspired by the #MyAnglophoneCrisisStory campaign initiated by Cameroonian webzine, Poise Social, the executive coordinator of Better Breed Cameroon conceived the idea to produce the docu-film sponsored by #defyhatenow. The docu-film is titled ‘Young Bards For Peace’. This piece features 5 narratives and 3 poems by young people sharing their own stories and appeals for peace. It tells the gripping stories of the crisis through the eyes of young Anglophone Cameroonians. The docu-film can be found by clicking here . The goal of this project is to mainstream youth voices and experiences of the devastating crisis. From arrest and imprisonment, kidnap and displacement, disability and death, the docu-film hopes to include ordinary people in the dialogue, advocacy, and peace-building process. Directed by Kwoh Elonge, Unit Head at Better Breed Cameroon, it tells the stories of five young Cameroonians including Actress Faith Fidel, event host and entertainment journalist, MC Dibenja amongst others. The film integrates spoken word poetry as a tool for expression and advocacy featuring poets like Ngong Sandra, Mac Alunge and Dsaint Livingston. It was put together by videographer Agbor Obed Agbor of Zumhoo Studios. It was filmed in the Southwest region with excerpts of news reports from BBC Africa, France24, BBC, Aljazeera and 237 Showbiz.