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About the Contest
The Sama Randy Youth Write Contest is one of Better Breed Cameroon’s annual projects, through which the organization encourages critical consciousness in Cameroonian youth by enticing them to partake in social change discourse. As of December 1st, 2022, Better Breed Cameroon will once again accept submissions from undergraduate Cameroonian students enrolled at all forms of higher education institutions nationwide for the 2022 Sama Randy Youth Write Contest. This is the 9th edition of the essay competition named in memory of pioneer Better Breed member Sama Randy, and it runs under the theme: What does it take to “Make it” in Cameroon?

About the Theme
To “make it” is synonymous with arriving at a desired end, achieving a goal, fulfilling oneself, surviving perilous circumstances and more. Discussing how – if at all it is possible- to “make it” in Cameroon has been a staple of social discourse in recent decades given surmounting threats to individual and collective progress in the country. Cameroon’s poverty levels have stagnated at around 40% (World Bank 2016), graduate unemployment rate has increased from 3.64% in 2019 to 3.87% in 2021 (International Labor Organization), the country is currently experiencing high inflation marked by shortage and increase in the prices of staple goods (World Bank 2022), and several prolonged
humanitarian crises due to sociopolitical conflict in multiple regions. These reasons and more undoubtedly account for the increase in Cameroonians attempting to flee the country by any means necessary.
Everyone wants to succeed in one way or the other; but what is success to the average Cameroonian? How has “making it” been understood to mean in our society over the years? Does “making it” look different for Cameroonians of a certain age, class, or sociocultural background? Or is there a generally agreed upon “Cameroonian Dream” life? Where does it start and end? These are the questions subsumed under this theme which we invite you to consider in this edition of the Sama Randy Youth Write Contest. We are eager to read articulations of what surviving and thriving in Cameroon entails as well as your considerations of the possibilities of and the barriers to ‘making it’ in our complex national context. Thus, we invite you to demonstrate your creative and critical thinking on this theme through either essays, open letters, or creative non-fiction. Continuing in the tradition we began last year, we are once again accepting submissions in both English and French and there will be two separate judging panels to ensure fair assessment per language.

About Submissions and the Awards

The competition is open to undergraduate students nationwide (including those in Higher National Diploma [HND] programs). All entries should have a minimum of 1 000 words and a maximum of 2 000 words in English or French. Entries should be submitted to Better Breed Cameroon as attachments via email to: The subject line of the email should read: ‘2023 Sama Randy Youth Write Contest Submission’ and the body of the email must specify the participant’s name, contact number, age, degree program, and the name of their school.

Better Breed Cameroon is offering three cash awards of CFAF 100 000, 50 000, and 25 000 in each language category to the first, second and third prize winners respectively. All submissions will be graded based on content, manner of engagement, authenticity, spelling, grammar, and compliance with the rules of submission. This call for entries closes on 28 February 2023. Winners will be contacted within three weeks after the deadline and awarded soon after.

For any enquiries regarding the essay contest, please contact Better Breed Cameroon by email at or via our social media pages: @BetterBreedCMR on Twitter, and Better Breed Cameroon on Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram.