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Youth Of The Month - Banye Synclare

Tell us about yourself:

My name is Synclare Banye Nyuyzdesi, a trained teacher by profession and the second in a family of 5. I’m from the North West Region of Cameroon (Banso) but based in Douala. I’m into several works of life including painting design and business, and those modeling for a wedding shop in view of driving toward the ultimate goal – success.

Why and when did you start heavenly colors?

First and foremost, I have a passion for beauty and design. This was really strong to the point that I will follow my boss for most of the time to his job side to assist him, not only as a means of making income but also to fulfill my passion. The more it happened, the more I gained satisfaction in what I was doing. This was the natural driving force to do more of what gives me satisfaction; not only for self-actualization but also as a means to build a financial source for myself and my family.

Tell us about the creation of Heavenly Colors, what was the process like being a young Cameroonian setting up a Painting & Tiles Installation Company?

It came about after I was internally displaced to Douala because of the crises in my country. Being a teacher, I wasn’t really satisfied with what I was making financially, so I decided to increase my income by doing some odd painting jobs with some senior colleagues. It went on and on to the point I felt I could establish it as a business especially after being encouraged by some very close friends. This became a reality in 2022 – the year the business was registered. Nevertheless, I must not fail to reveal the fact that I have been in this business for over seven years and through various difficult moments especially because of the lack of means and the pressure of family responsibilities. I have experienced lack, overwhelmed with discouragement, subjected to hard labor and many more all through my several years in business.

What does a workday look like at Heavenly Colors?

Generally I would say a lot of fun especially because I derive lots of pleasure from it. My employees and myself form a perfect team of dynamic individuals. A typical workday starts with prayers and distribution of workload, work unfolds in a funky environment filled with fun and life.

What specific challenges do you face in running Heavenly Colors?

I have come through many challenges especially because I’m a woman but still I push on. In this field of business where one gets to meet powerful real estate investors and house owners, the need to be professional, courageous and void of mistakes is a real challenge. The act of being professional comes with a lot of effort since most of our clients’ desire customizations that differ from conventional painting designs.

Another challenge is that most contracts would rather want to come in under conditions that go beyond the bounds of remaining professional which I end up turning down. We also face a lot of challenges like being subject to very hard labor because we are yet to acquire machinery that reduces workload and also because of pressure from our clients who always want the job delivered faster than anticipated.

How do you feel being a woman in Painting & Tiles? You are definitely breaking a bias:

Well, I feel honored and blessed, doing this business especially as a woman will require a natural and passionate love for what I do. This in my opinion is the reason for me breaking such a gender bias.

Are there any projects or achievements you are so proud of? And Why?

One of my greatest pride is having heavenly colors registered today as a company. Heavenly colors is not only having so many other side projects but also in partnership with other companies like decoration, MICASO ESTATE, and construction companies, this achievement came about with a lot of hard work and determination which makes the victory overwhelming.

What are your Ambitions for heavenly colors?

We have plans to expand HEAVENLY Colors to include Fashion and designs, opening a painting school, operating a shop for painting and other construction materials, paints production, and attracting national and international partners. Additionally, we want to empower youths, especially girls, for creativity and economic empowerment to enable them to become independent and self-reliant. We also design to partner with other companies that relates to ours.

What do you think our Cameroonian youths need to know/do to be the Better Breed?!
Success is found out of the comfort zone, we always have to do what is uncomfortable in order to live comfortably. Whatever it is that is good, honorable, and pure; pursue with all thy might in all integrity and it will pay off. Finally, strive to surround yourself with quality people ONLY.