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Youth of the Month: Felix Fomengia

Felix Fomengia is an Award-Winning Techpreneur and IT Expert. Our youth of the month is popularly known for his GCE Guide App.

How will you describe yourself in three words?

I will say Felix Fomengia is a passionate Tech entrepreneur, Computer Engineer, and Innovator.

Could you share your educational background with us?

I am a holder of a Bachelor of Technology in Computer Engineering from the University of Buea. From 2016-2020 studying at the College of Technology of the University to obtain a Bachelor of Technology in Computer Engineering. During my studies, I put my skills to solving real-life problems, leading me to develop the Cameroon GCE Guide App in 2018 which is an innovative tool helping students today to find exam resources. I went to high school at Seat of Wisdom College Fontem, between 2014-2016 after completing secondary school at Government Bilingual High School Tombel.

What inspired you to begin your career in Technology?

I have always loved computers since as early as secondary school. When I just had my A level from Seat of Wisdom College, Fontem, I was very passionate about IT and wanted to study Computer Engineering. When I learned about the university of Buea, I realized the entrance to its engineering school was via a competitive entrance exam, a concour, this led me to register for the exam, I prepared very hard and I’m happy in the end I PASSED the entrance exam into the College of Technology of the University. This is how my journey began. This was 2016, aside from the lessons in class I was very passionate about the field, and I was really happy I was studying computer engineering. By this time I was already putting my skills to work by developing applications and websites, my journey had begun. I had developed many android apps and solutions while in school and I took part in many competitions in school and at the faculty, with these projects I had developed. In 2018, I was able to develop the Cameroon GCE Guide App, which today is a problem solver for students as they have access to exam resources for learning.

What inspired you to create the GCE Guide App?

This was early 2018. I was inspired by the fact that many students still face difficulty in finding exam resources, which is limiting them from acquiring quality education and excelling in their exams. As a result, this led me to develop the Cameroon GCE Guide App which is a learning tool for students to find exam resources. So far we have had over 15,000 students who made use of this application.

What does a workday look like for you, mindful of the fact that you wear many hats?

Sometimes very tight. I get a very busy day every day with many engagements and activities, but however, I am always able to manage them and make adjustments to programs and activities based on my availability.

How would you describe your leadership style?

Visionary and Innovative. I believe I am an innovative person or leader as I always seek to use technology to address situations or problems around me.

What specific challenges do you face, wearing so many hats in your career?

I believe in every journey there are challenges. Throughout my journey, I have faced many rejections and failures, some at a very early stage of my journey, but I have always seized this opportunity or such situation to learn from the rejection and failure and get back up, putting in my best.

Are there any projects or achievements you are so proud of? and Why?

Recently, I won one of the most prestigious awards in my journey. We emerged 2nd prize winners for the TIE Champion Competition, organized by the European Union and Kmertech, where we received over 8,000 Euros and support from the European Union to further develop our solution, the Cameroon GCE Guide App. I am proud of myself for this achievement as it wasn't easy throughout the competition, seeing how we passed many elimination stages, and pitching before the grand jury on the d-day. I am really happy and proud of myself.

As a Techpreneur, you have won so many awards and recognitions. How exactly have you been able to build a reputable career for yourself? What is your secret to success?

During my journey I have had the privilege to receive many awards and recognitions, I believe this is thanks to the efforts I’ve shown in my path. My secret has been never to give up. I must acknowledge the fact that I have failed many times during this journey but my secret has been never to give up but to learn from every situation I have faced.
Also, I think, another thing which has contributed to my journey is that I started trying many things at an early stage, and during this time I wasn’t moved of achieving a lot but I was in love with the journey and what I was doing by that time.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I see myself very far as compared to what we are doing today. In 5 years I should be able to have completed my Master’s degree. Establish our startups, The Cameroon GCE Guide App, and our consultancy firm, Light-Gate Solutions, Also I started an initiative that aims at inspiring and empowering young people who are passionate about technology, The Felix Fomengia Foundation, we shall be able to run several programs that inspire and empower young people who are interested in technology. Recently, we have started our School Tech Project which is all about introducing students to project-based approaches and how they can make use of technology in learning. I believe in the years ahead we should be able to carry on many projects and reach out to many young people who are interested in tech or tech-related careers. It’s all about empowerment.
Through Light-Gate Solutions, work with more NGOs and organizations to develop their solutions and assist with the use of technology.

What do you think our Cameroonian youths need to know/do to be the Better Breed? What advice do you have for them?

Cameroonians need to have the mindset of a problem solver, how they can make their skills together to be able to solve problems they face in their communities. Everything is possible and we must always believe in ourselves and strive to achieve our goals and objectives.