Mallah Tabot

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Who am I/what I do

I am a 28 old feminist, reproductive health activist and aspiring entrepreneur who loves life and very strongly believes that women, girls and young people’s access to Sexual and Reproductive Health, and a life free from violence is a basic right, In my spare time I’m a lazy blogger and sister to 6 siblings. I am also the co-founder of Ndolo360, a mobile app and SMS service that offers open, honest and judgement-free sexuality education and information to adolescents and young people, and Program Director of United Vision, a youth-led NGO addressing young people’s Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights.


Current plans, ambitions, achievements

I am currently working on a couple of personal and professional projects including building a social enterprise and strengthening/expanding the work of our organization, United Vision. I take a lot of pride in the feedback that we’ve received so far from young people and even parents about the small but meaningful ways in which Ndolo360 is changing their lives and having an impact in their everyday lives. I’m also excited about the number of young people who use our “Ask a Sexpert” service each day, trusting our team with their most personal and intimate issues around sexual health. Even though there’s still a lot to achieve in terms of goals, I will consider this as an achievement not just because the intended beneficiaries are finding it helpful, but also because it’s delivering the exact results we anticipated and even more.


In terms of building a social enterprise we are still at a very latent stage and working on getting it stand on its feet, so obviously we are at that place of finding the right partners who are as passionate as we are about ending teenage pregnancies and giving young people power and control over their own bodies. We see Ndolo360 as a journey and all the young people in this country and continent are walking with us. It will take a while before we can reach all our objectives but we are excited to have started such an innovation and can’t wait to see what the future we work for holds.

What next generation needs to do to be the Better Breed

The world is already too full of antagonists. Don’t be your own enemy. Love yourself, nurture your ambitions and carry a positive attitude about life, your work and personality. And above all surround yourself with people who love you and want to help you grow and be a be.

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