Rising Actress Faith Fidel – Youth of the Month

By Ayota Erwin

Faith Fidel has been acting since the age of five. She is the present and future of a remarkable movie sector of the Cameroon entertainment industry. This September, the eleven-year-old recently won the award for Best Actress in a Feature Drama at the I WILL TELL INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL for her role in the movie ‘The Fisherman’s Diary’. Celebrating this win of a fellow Better Breed, we sought her ought for an interview and to wish her all the best ahead. Here is what she had to say:

Still shot of a scene from The Fisherman’s Diary

What memories do you have of your first experience acting in a movie?!
The first movie I took part in was ‘Tenacity’ by Musing Derrick. By then I was about five years old so just seeing all the action, and the love on set brings back a lot of fun memories.

What/who inspired you to get into acting?
Honestly, apart from seeing the Director call his shots, seeing them set a scene up, I was privileged to meet great actors and actresses through my mom. So, I’d say they all inspired me to get into acting.

How do you manage acting, studies, and other duties?!
Well, I grew up in a home where routine is the master. When it’s time to learn I don’t get distractions because I organize myself with a timetable and still manage to find time to play.

What do you enjoy most about this profession?
I’d say I cherish every moment I have to role with the professionals. Sometimes I get treated like a child, sometimes like a queen. Such moments are unforgettable.

Still shot of Faith Fidele from The Fisherman’s Diary

What are some challenges you’ve faced so far and how did you overcome them?
I would say at first there was the issue of lack of sleep if we had to do night scenes. Having to obtain permission from my school to go on set and having to stay away from my family sometimes.

You have featured in several movies starring some well-known actors, with certainly more to come. Are there any actors you look forward to working with?
Though privileged to have met and worked with a lot of icons like uncle Quintus, uncle Anurin, Ramsey Nouah, Onyama Laura, Stephanie Tum, Delphine Itambi, Vugar Samson, Ndamo Damarise – I can’t forget her, and many others; there are too many I can’t list, it will be a blessing to work with Christa Eka and Constance Ejuma because when she had her award I was praying and begging God to one-day give me an award. And I guess the dream came through.

What else do you enjoy doing apart from acting?
Apart from acting, I love to sing, I love to dance, have a good time with my family. I love to read and write but most importantly, I love my contortion practice. You may call it gymnastics.

What would you say to young girls and boys who wish to do great in acting like you, or in any other domain?
I’d like to remind them of the phrase “where there is a will, there is a way”. So if they put their mind to it and work hard at it, they’ll get there.

To quote a song I like by American rapper Nas: “we know we can be where we wanna be if we work hard at it, we’ll be where we wanna be”.

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  1. Suh Dexter says:

    I really want to say a big thank you to BETTER BREED CAMEROON and to Mr Ayota Erwin for bringing such a platform to encourage and inspire young Cameroonians.
    I believe in the nearest future I’ll also have the opportunity to be your youth for the month.
    God bless you

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