Sama Randy Youth Write Contest 2017

Hello there!

Welcome to our new site and the June blog post!!!

It’s been a crazy year in Cameroon and we’re a bit behind our project schedule but we’ll definitely catch up. In fact, we already are.

Our first project for the year (as usual) was the Sama Randy Youth Write contest which challenges young people to contemplate issues of national and international concern, voicing their opinions and making a contribution to these conversations.

At the end of April, we were on the Miss P Show to award the winners of this year’s Sama Randy Youth Write Contest: Ittia Bruno, Foba Akom and Saji Macochi.



These three were selected from over thirty-five entries as the best essay writers answering the question: What is the greatest threat to peace and security in Cameroon and how can it be averted?


Watch the video below and tell us what you think, but more importantly read the winning essays HERE and leave your thoughts on what our winners had to say in our comment section!




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