We’re Hiring: Community and Content Creator

In a bid to compensate for temporarily restricted on-the-ground engagements, Better Breed Cameroon will be engaging in more online advocacy. For this reason, the Executive Director of Better Breed Cameroon is currently accepting applications from candidates interested in taking up employment in the newly created position of Community & Content Curator.

The Community & Content Curator will be the only full-time staff of the organization and reports directly to the Executive Bureau headed by the Executive Director. S/he will be expected to spearhead the organization’s strategic plan to sustain relevant activity through online mediums in place of the on-the-ground engagement for one year and foster a strong community. If you are a young Cameroonian who is self-driven, creative, and tech-savvy consider the job’s terms of reference below.


The Community & Content Curator shall be required to:

  • Conceive, plan and execute sustainable strategies for fostering a strong Better Breed Cameroon community.
  • Create engaging text, image, and video content for amplifying Better Breed Cameroon work and building the organization brand online via the organizational website and all social media (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram)
  • Coordinate administrative communications and the marketing of Memorabilia products via email, phone, and website
  • Initiate and oversee the production of organizational briefs and video series for advocacy.
  • Represent the organization if and where necessary (such as radio/TV shows).
  • Monitor, track, report on and respond to the public interest in a timely manner
  • Build relationships within fellow civil society organizations, youth/student groups, journalists, and other relevant stakeholders to boost organizational awareness and consolidate impact potential.


Given the above responsibilities, this position requires someone who:

  • Holds at least a bachelor’s degree in a relevant field (communications, development, management sectors)
  • Has relevant work experience in planning and leading community initiatives, in communications strategy, or similar roles
  • Can demonstrate their ability to understand and convey Better Breed Cameroon’s vision with a passion to the public
  • Can demonstrate their resourcefulness and ability to identify and engage with relevant community stakeholders
  • Has strong written and oral communication skills (particularly the ability to be engaging)
  • Is bilingual (even if not perfectly so)
  • Is able to move from one area to the next for content creation and marketing/advertising needs
  • Is attentive to detail, a critical-thinker, and a problem-solver
  • Has basic graphic design and photography skills
  • Is at least averagely versed with digital technology (such as the ability to interpret website traffic, utilize online marketing tools, etc.)
  • Has solid organizational and leadership skills, including the ability to take initiative, present proposals, collaborate with others in content creation, and communicate problems in a timely manner.


This is a full-time position with the Community & Content Curator being expected to work an average of 40 hours per week.

The position offers the non-taxable salary of 80.000 francs (XAF) payable at the end of each month and an additional 30.000 francs (XAF) for communication costs and local movements for tasks.


Please submit your CV along with a cover letter explaining why you believe you are a good fit for this position to contact@BetterBreedCameroon.org copying (CC) betterbreed@gmail.com.

This call is open till a suitable candidate is found. However, please note that we will only be contacting successful applicants.

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