On February 29, 2020, Better Breed Cameroon closed the 2020 edition of our annual Sama Randy Youth Write Contest. As you should know, this year, the contest challenged undergraduate students nationwide to uncover unrecognized and undervalued Cameroonian nation builders, and tell the untold stories of such figures whose deeds and sacrifices should be better acknowledged.

Sadly, despite our best efforts, contest entries were lower than received in previous years. We consider that this may be evidence of just how hard it is to uncover our hidden figures. So as the project ends and International Women’s Month begins, we are taking up our own challenge to do some uncovering with particular focus on Cameroonian women figures.

All around the world, women- their deeds, sacrifices, and struggles- remain the most unrecognized, undervalued and hidden. So we invite you to deviate from the typical way Women’s Month is reduced to a festival-like celebration of International Women’s Day. Follow us on social media as we chronicle Cameroonian #HerStory splitting up the next 30 days under three themes:

Posts of the first ten days under the theme of #KnowHerName will highlight women in Cameroon’s history [including present day] who should be better recognized for shattering the glass-ceiling, addressing injustices, and contributing tremendously to our development.

The next ten days of #SayHerName posts will raise awareness of female victims of political and social violence, women whose deaths are often overlooked as ‘unfortunate sacrifices’ and whose names are too often left unknown.

Finally, the theme of the last ten days of the month will be #SeeOurWalk. These posts will be a nod to this year’s IWD theme celebrating 25 years since the Beijing Conference. Here we will present evidence of Cameroon’s progress and failures on the road to gender equity, hopefully addressing the frequently asked question: Do we still need feminism? 

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