Yembe Nfor

Yembe NFORWho are you and what do you do?

I am a Tech Enthusiast and Enterprise Developer with over 5 years’ experience in his field of Information and Communication Technology which I have used to help develop and Impact Businesses, Organizations and Communities. I started Y’G ( where I work with a brilliant team to enhance Organizations’ Productivity and Outreach by offering Business and IT Consulting Solutions while creating opportunities for employment and Capacity Development for young people in IT.

I am driven by the Values that, “Service to humanity is the best work of life”, so I make out time to Volunteer with Civil Society Organizations working especially in the areas of ICTs, Environment, Women, Children, Peace and Human Rights. I believe in creating sustainable positive change, a world with equal opportunities, equal access to information, and a world where everyone can thrive. I am always looking for opportunities to learn and further develop myself so that I can reach out to more people and create greater Impact in the World!


Current plans,

Right now, I’m pretty much all about building our business, for the last 2 years and counting, my focus has been towards buildng a system and a team around my idea which works, while of course doing the most we can to serve as many organisations as we can along our way.


Yes, my life is pretty much all about the work I’m doing for now. I am also working and planning to expand my knowledge bank through many online study programs and finishing my MBA



​I want to be among the people leading positive change in my community. We’re working towards growing Y’G into an Enterprise Development Power house; training leaders of the future and creating Organizations which will contribute to the Economic Development of my Country. I am working towards becoming one of the people participating in Government and National Decision Making.

Besides growing Y’G to become an Enterprise Development company while creating partnerships with Private and Public key stakeholders, I am working to create relationships with People all over the World and in Africa in particular so as to facilitate the achievement of a Global Partnership.



There isn’t much I’m proud of yet… but if I have to pick one thing, it’ll be the dedication and determination which I’ve put into following my passion which has led to a lot of success stories for other people and organisations around me, while contributing the most I can through my work with various Civil Society Organisations.




The biggest challenge I’ve faced in my Entrepreneurial Career has been finding skilled passionate young people to work with. This challenge as I’ve come to learn is also faced by my friends who are doing similar ventures and by the big organizations all around us. Secondly, it’s been support, mainly from family. It can really bring a man down when the people closest to you don’t believe in what you do. My family is a lot more supportive right now… but it hasn’t always been like that. There is of course the lack of Finances when you need them. It’s been very difficult building a business from scratch, with no finances.


What you think our Cameroonian youth needs to know/do better to be the Better Breed

Yembe NforThe one thing I hope every Cameroonian Youth knew was that no Miracle is coming to help us or to change our country. Our success will come from our hardwork, inginuity and ability to swim uphill. We must stop looking at the government or even our parents or friends. Our communities are not going to change on their own.

Nobody is going to come and develop it for us. We must do this by ourselves. Finally, there’s no magic wand in the world that you will wave and everything will be what you want it to be. Life is about making plans, and following them to achieve the goals. Anytime you think about something you want for yourself, your community or country… think about what you need to do… and how long you’ll need to achieve it.

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