Youth Of the Month: Mbella Eposi Josiane

By Ayota Erwin

Cameroon’s music industry has been the most prominent of the country’s entertainment industry, rising back to African spotlight in the past decade. This is credit to a network of professionals amongst which are video directors tasked with packaging the most interesting visuals for music clips. This usually goes with conceptualizing the final output, sorting locations and sets, shooting, editing and so much more. For a sector mostly dominated by men, a young girl with the drive to strive in this field is worth the mention.

Tell us a little about yourself.

I’m called Mbella Eposi Josiane, I was born and based in Buea, but moved to Douala a year ago due to the anglophone crisis. I’m 22 years old and a budding video director.

What got you interested in video directing?
It all started in 2016 when I said I’ll like to involve in it. I also realized I was passionate about it and really wanted to become a video director. So, I met another director, Enow Derick, who accepted to mentor me from that time till now. I did not go through any formal training.

What is the feedback you’ve gotten from people about your works?
It’s not really easy becoming a lady director. From the little I’ve done, I get a lot of negative feedback and a lot of people also encourage me. But to me, it’s what I wanted so the negative doesn’t really matter to me now – I take the positive.

What do you think about girls engaging in video directing?
Girls should get into video directing and entrepreneurship in general. It gives the girl an opportunity to stand up for herself. There’s a difference between when you work for someone and when you’re a boss. And you know, when you’re a lady, you get a lot of torments from some men, especially when you want to work under them. But when you’re a girl who does something of her own, men will always find it interesting and will want to respect you for that.

Who do you look forward to working with as a promising director?
For now, I’ll like to work with Mr. Tcheck. I really love his work.

Where do you plan to get to in the years ahead with your work?
I see myself going international. Not only as a video director, even in the movie production sector.

Being one of the Better Breed, what advice can you give to fellow youths?
Don’t put anything negative in your mind when you want to do something. And never give up. Try to do something you know is good. Something that will make you feel different, that will make you feel perfect.

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