Youth Of the Month: Princess Shanelle

Happy new year Better Breeders!

We trust this year our journey on becoming the Better Breed continues. To thank you for your
commitment we come bearing gifts.

Now, this has been a struggle for us, what to give you that will never leave you? The gift, of course, had to reflect the spirit of the new year. And it dawned on us, we had to take it back to the start. The start and building that initial discipline with no applause is the hard part that requires the most force on this journey of ours. So, our gift to you is one which demystifies beginnings and embodies the saying, ‘It takes a village’. We hope this gift inspires you to
start and find/build the village it would take to get us far in this journey.

We bring to you our first Youth of the month feature for 2020, Princess Shanelle.

Who is Princess Shanelle?

I am an eleven-year-old student at CUIB STEAM ACADEMY who lives with her family, loves cartoons, robotics, and reading. Also, I enjoy building websites and games with the Scratch programming language.

Why Technology?

My passion for technology was ignited by my brother. I always saw him work and even though I did not understand what he was doing, I was curious. I remember the first time I saw him programming, in October 2018, after which we had a discussion about programming and everything changed when he told me I could build my own Apps or games. The following year, I attended three programs organized by New Generation Technologies (the TME Education program, ICT4KIDS Part 1, ICT4KIDS Part 2), after which I became more interested. Initially, in early 2019, I thought of becoming a Roboticist and later in the year, I considered becoming a Computer Engineer.

What challenges did you face?

In 2019, I built my first website, robot, game and programmed in four languages (including
C++). Learning programming was challenging as the concepts were new to me. Also, getting up to study in the early hours of the morning was also a challenge. I remember telling my brother not to wake me up too early, that, I was still a child. The beginnings are usually hard.

Given all your age and all you do, what does your regular day/week look like?

During school period these are some of the things that I do:
 Get up in the morning at 5:00 am.
 Pray from 5:30am-6:00am.
 Bath and go to school.
 Return from school at 3:00 pm.
 Do house chores at 3:30 pm.
 Do assignments (if any).
 Learn typing with Mavis Beacon for 30minutes.
 Sleep at about 9:00 pm.
 Study at 3:00am.

During holiday periods, I play, watch TV (Disney or Nickelodeon), I work on my website and on a project (if any).

How are you like the average Cameroonian child and in what ways are you different?

Like other children, I play, watch TV and help my parents at home. I think the main thing
that makes me different is that I started studying robotics at a young age.

Do you have any heroes/heroines you look up to? Who are they?

I do have. They are my family, aunty Faith (Mpara) and most importantly my brother Matt-Klaus.

Princess with Aunty Faith (Mpara) – one of her role models.

What do you think our Cameroonian youth need to know/do to be the BetterBreed?

I think our youths should embrace hard work and obey their parents. Also, if they are interested in Robotics, they should learn to go for programs such as ICT4KIDS, Google I/O, Open Robotics Conference, and DevFest.

Monique Kwachou of Better Breed Cameroon team had the honor of meeting Princess Shanelle in person!


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