Youth of the Month: The 2018 Sama Randy Youth Write Contest Winners

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You might have noticed we missed a feature last month. Forgive us, we’re back and making up for the laps by featuring a group of four as this month’s ‘Youth of the Month’. This month we are putting our spotlight on the winners of this year’s Sama Randy Youth Write Contest.

As you know, this year’s contest required candidates to write an essay between 1000-1500 words ending with the phrase “…this is what Cameroon needs now”. Our three top essayists and a fourth honorary mention were awarded on Friday 16th March 2018 at a ceremony coordinated by our partners Makanjo Media.

Before we share with you these prize-winning essays, we thought to feature the awardees, get to know the four ladies who swept up the cash this year and what makes them tick!

First, Njie Martha Eyole is a 23years old final year student of the Department of English and French (Bilingual Letters) at the University of Buea. She states that she has always been passionate about books, with a growing love for reading and writing stories. In addition to aspiring after a fulfilling career as a translator, she aspires to be a published writer and has already completed a manuscript for a novel titled My Father’s Will. When asked what She wishes for Cameroon and young Cameroonians, she says her utmost wish at the moment is for peace. “Without peace, there will be no education, no businesses, and no life. I wish the government directs all efforts towards achieving and maintaining peace in all our regions. A peaceful and Democratic state where the citizens enjoy their most respective rights and live together in love is my wish for Cameroon”. And her message for Cameroonian youth? “..we need to acknowledge the fact that we are the backbone of the nation. We should seize opportunities like the Sama Randy Youth Contest to bring out their beautiful and dynamic ideas to help build our nation. We must also learn to be responsible and take initiatives in making Cameroon a peaceful and prosperous nation.”






Next up we have our second prize winner Mrs. Anita Ngwe Chofor who obtained her GCE Advanced level certificate at Government High School Mankon Bamenda in the year 2004 followed by a year of training in secretariat duties as her mother, a widow, could not send her to the university because of the financial challenges. Anita later got married in 2007 and started managing her husband’s business. Her husband noted her entrepreneurial skills in her and decided to send her back to school so that she can achieve her dreams. She gained admission into ISEM-IBCG (Institut Supérieur de l’Entreprise et du Management & International Brainstorming And Consulting Group) Akwa – Douala this past academic year and is currently enrolled in their Higher National Diploma (HND) program for Marketing.





Anita aspires to be a spokeswoman for companies and groups, inspiring young people, particularly young girls to use their voices. Her wish for Cameroon is the timely fulfillment of vision 2035.  She believes that “on achieving emerging country status, our economy will be mainstreamed into the global economy in terms of trade (substantial exports) and finance (opening of local financial markets to foreign investments)… and then ‘bigger animals in the bush will allow the smaller ones to have a view of the beauty of the forest’. That is, multinationals will no longer ridicule and override micro-businesses.” This is a habit she considers mean and unaccepted as one who has witnessed the untold sacrifices small enterprises make to survive in Cameroon. To her, what Cameroon needs now is an active government which can design aggressive reforms that will empower the small business sector.

To fellow Cameroonian youth,  Anita urges them to never give up on their dreams no matter how tough life can be, “for there is always light at the edge of the tunnel”.







In third place comes Brenda Ndome Haddison, a third year shipping and logistics student at IMIT- Douala.  Brenda has a wide variety of ambitions; the desire to work for a shipping company like MSC, to own her own fitness enterprise (she’s already working towards this goal) as well as to explore her passion for acting and love for the stage (she is currently an understudy at Legacy Production HouseDouala).

Her first and foremost wish for Cameroon is that the government prioritizes the improvement of both systems of education which she states would mean recognizing the cultural diversity of Cameroonians. To fellow Cameroonian youth, she calls for increased proactiveness and the development of entrepreneurial mindsets for a sustainable and prosperous Cameroon.







Finally, given the effort displayed by this year’s contestants, an extraordinary honorarium was awarded to the third runner-up to 20-year-old Ambomatei Miranda who is currently enrolled as a student of the Higher Teacher Training College of the University of Bamenda. Miranda aspires to be a “prolific and inspirational” writer. When asked what she wished for her country, Miranda states that she wished more moderate-minded people came to meet at the Dialogue Desk to peacefully and amicably resolve the ongoing crisis. She continued stating that “listening to each other amicably would ensure appreciation of our diversity as a nation. To young people, she extols that they develop a culture of listening to each other and create an atmosphere where there is sharing of thoughts and values so different groups learn from each other. She makes it clear that “young Cameroonians, the dialogue begins with you!







Now that you know all about our winners can you tell why they won? Wait until you read their ideas!


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